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One of the most frightening experiences a parent can have is the injury of their child. Unfortunately, kids can be somewhat prone to accidents, and slips, trips, and the occasional fly ball to the face are a bit inevitable.

When your child is having a dental emergency, you want to know that a pediatric dentist with skill and experience handling emergencies can see him or her quickly. At Shoreline Children’s Dentistry, we are always available to help, and Dr. Kate is reachable by phone – even after hours.

How to Know When to Call:

Sometimes it is tough to know when to call our office. Here are some guidelines to keep in mind: 

  • If there is tooth pain, tenderness, or sensitivity to hot or cold
  • If there is pain or clicking of the jaw
  • If the jaw is locked open or closed
  • If wounds occur in the mouth
  • If a tooth appears cracked, moved, or compromised
  • If the tooth turns dark or becomes otherwise discolored

When in doubt, give us a call and we will help determine if your child needs to be seen.

Tooth Loss Procedures

If your child loses a tooth due to trauma and you are able to locate the tooth, first determine if it is a baby tooth or a permanent tooth. If it is a permanent tooth, ideally you would rinse the tooth with water, place it back in the socket, and have your child hold in place if they are able. If this is not possible, then place the tooth in a cup of milk. Call the office immediately. If the tooth is not damaged, there is a good chance that we can re-implant it.

If the lost tooth is a baby tooth, it is best to put it under the pillow for the tooth fairy. It is still important to schedule a follow-up exam in our Guilford dental office to make sure no fragments or other damage exists, but we will not try to save the tooth.


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