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I don’t think my child will cooperate. Should I still come in?

It is especially important to bring your child in if you are worried about cooperation! 

Allow us to show your child around the office and demonstrate how easy and fun it can be coming to Shoreline Children’s Dentistry. We would rather meet your child for several happy visits so that they can get to know our office and build trust with our team. This way, if your child ever needs dental work or has an emergency, cooperation will be easier because they are already familiar with the office and will have established a level of trust with us.

We have a number of techniques that we can use to help guide your child's behavior. Modeling, positive reinforcement, and distraction can work wonders! You might be surprised at what we can achieve! 

It's important to remember that we have truly seen it all. Dr. Kate is patient and compassionate and understands that dental visits can be a scary new experience. We'll take our time and let you and your child guide us so that we can build rapport and trust. 

If your child continues to feel distress, we can discuss nitrous oxide. This sedating gas is highly effective and extremely safe – even for young children! 

Patient Testimonial: Thank you for caring

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Patient Testimonial: Very relaxing

LOVE Dr. Kate! She made the whole experience very relaxing for my extremely shy, normally over anxious child! Staff were great as well!
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