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How can I help my child stay calm?

6 Ways to Help Your Child Stay Calm at the Dentist: 

1. Remember, calm is contagious – and so is anxiety! When parents are nervous, kids can tell. Keep calm, and all will go well. 

2. Catch those zzzz's! Make sure your child gets lots of sleep before the appointment. A full night's sleep or a nap can help things go smoothly. 

3 Keep kids busy. Distract them with books, music, or their favorite video game.

4. Food. Hungry kids are NOT going to be happy kids. Eat a healthy snack before you get to the dentist. No sugary treats, of course!

5. Comfort items can help ease stress. Bring a bear to hold or a blanket to cuddle.

6. Praise your child for good behavior during and after a successful visit. Make their visit a positive experience that they can be happy about.

Patient Testimonial: Thank you for caring

Amazing. Thank you for caring as much as you do.   Read More

Patient Testimonial: Very relaxing

LOVE Dr. Kate! She made the whole experience very relaxing for my extremely shy, normally over anxious child! Staff were great as well!
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